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Daash divide Iraq and America bless division
     Syrian election results in Syria and the (ISIS) crisis in Syria and Iraq, have led many countries and organizations to think about changing its attitude toward Syria in the proof that the regime in Damascus is still stable despite international conspiracy against it.   &nbs

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Ghada Abdel Razek: Khaled Youssef Insulted Me

ghada_abd_razeq_copyEgyptian star Ghada Abdel Razek confirmed she will never again deal with Egyptian director Khaled Youssef after he insulted her.

In her interview with "Al Rai" newspaper, Ghada explained he invited her to the screening of her latest film "Kaf El Amar" at the "Alexandria Film Festival", but when she got there he ignored her and refused to greet her.

She added he also didn't include her name in the outro and removed some of the scenes.

Abdel Razek noted that her dispute with Khaled Youssef began with a difference in opinion, stating she never expected it would affect their professional relationship.

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